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    Venerer brand HS series ceramic welding backing, is my company in recent years and a number of senior engineers common development and production, the product through the authority approval, widely used in shipbuilding, bridges, boilers, pressure vessels, steel structures, such as auto parts manufacturing industry. Can greatly improve labor efficiency, improve welding quality, reduce the cost of welding, improve the working environment. Venerer brand HS series welding pad is a paste type ceramic welding pad. Using a variety of ceramic raw materials (in which more than 30% a-AL2O3) and flux prepared by sintering. With high degree of fire resistance, not easy to deformation, mechanical strength and other characteristics. Pad bulk density 1750kg; /m3 >, moisture absorption rate < 0.4%, fire resistance > 1300.
the product of sulfur, phosphorus content in line with international standards, after the use of a strong weld, crack resistance, good toughness, mechanical properties and stability. The single side welding is suitable for general steel structure flat, vertical and horizontal position butt joint. Single side welding, double side molding. And the back of the weld full, strong and beautiful.
    The product by the China Classification Society (CCS), the United States Classification Society (ABS) certification, product quality and technical performance are in line with shipbuilding and People¡¯s Republic of China shipbuilding industry standards GB/T3715-1995.
my company to the quality of survival, innovation and development for the purpose of. In the credibility of the first, customer first principle, has developed into a certain production capacity of the plant. Company has strong technical strength, sophisticated technology and equipment, complete detection means, product quality and stability, the current products have been sold to large and medium-sized domestic shipyard and a number of countries and regions, well received by the user.¡£


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