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The role of ceramic welding gasket
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   Ceramic welding backing is a welding equipment welding, is to achieve the melt-through bead, while ensuring the joint root penetration, along a foil device at the back of the joint preset. Today to introduce you to the role of the ceramic welding pad.
Ceramic welding backing weld pool surrounding a die body formed by welding metal body and a pad. Due to the large difference of thermal conductivity of the ceramic liner and base metal, weld pool heat is not uniform, the molten pool on both sides of the heat quickly, bottom heat slowly, in normal welding, with the arc Mobile, molten pool cooling crystallization, the molten pool is heated by the upper arc above the bottom, crystallization of liquid metal in weld pool is bottom-up crystallization, compared with steel plate welding, the crystallization direction of the molten pool will be perpendicular to the weld center line, therefore, this method can improve the welding quality.
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