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Technical essentials of ceramic backing welding
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As the ceramic ceramic backing formula will expand the scope of its use, in order to adapt to the different welding material and base metal, steel cross range, into other fields.
When the ceramic lining is normally welded, the mold body around the weld pool is made of electric arc heating, both sides are metal, and the following is a ceramic lining. Because of the high temperature of the arc in the molten pool, the temperature is high; the crystallization of the molten pool is from bottom to top.
In the arc extinguishing time, the mold body condition of the molten pool is naturally cooled, and the cooling of the metal on both sides is fast. When the arc extinguishing is removed, the heat preservation effect of the ceramic lining under the bath is removed. To cool the upper part of the weld pool. The lower part of the weld pool is cooled slowly, and finally crystallized. The prevention measure is that the arc can not be broken when the arc extinguish, and the rear part of the welding seam is required to return to the 20mm, so that the upper part of the weld pool is kept at high temperature, and the bottom of the pool is first cooled and crystallized, and the arc extinguishing point is moved to the edge of the weld.
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